What are Pickled Eggs?

Pickled eggs are hard-boiled eggs soaked in a mixture of vinegar, water, sugar, and various seasonings, creating a tangy and flavorful snack. This pickling process not only imparts a unique taste but also preserves the eggs, making them a popular choice for long-term storage. 

Pickled Eggs represent the preservation of past haunts, dive bars and other establishments for long-term storage in our minds and closets. We’ve enjoyed great times in places that we can’t believe are no longer around and want to preserve these memories. Our designs strive to recapture at least a portion of those fun times and keep them from fading away forever. 

Pickled Eggs Co was started by two brothers, Ted and Andy Corbett, who live in Seattle and grew up in Denver. We had the best times in many of these places including The Frontier Room in Seattle, Bonnie Brae, Rock Island and Ogden Street South in Denver. There have been legendary stories about others such as The Royal Palm Tavern in Ithaca NY where Ted’s wife went to college or Everything But Anchovies a late night haunt in Hanover, New Hampshire.

This blog will highlight legendary histories of these places. Even if you haven’t raised a glass at these spots, the shirts stand on their own and the designs are refreshed with a modern interpretation. You may not eat Pickled Eggs, but all are invited to our good time revival.

But if you just need a recipe? Here’s a good one Pickled Eggs Recipe - Easy Guide & Variations - The Outdoor Apothecary. Or order a big jar from Amazon 

Even better, pick up one of these fresh tees and revive some great memories of your own.

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